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The Asset Museum (WIP)

Created with Alon Karmi.

A virtual museum for objects from games.

Putting the work of concept artists, modelers and animators, literally on a pedestal.

The museum is currently an independent project, will be available for free online once we have a base collection, and will be updated periodically.

This is a screenshot from our latest prototype, with a urinal from an upcoming Robert Yang game and two objects from the game Vignettes.

Want to present an object in the museum? Here's the lowdown:

  1. Your object could be anything! A character, a plant, a piece of furniture, an exquisite sculpture, a lamp post, whatever.

  2. Only objects from released titles. No student projects or game jam experiments. If you want to donate assets from a game that’s yet to be released, you’re welcome, but we will only showcase it after the release.

  3. There’s an EXAMPLE folder here. Please copy the contents to your computer, change the titles, and add your files.

  4. Please send an email from an address associated with the game to, with the asset folder in a zipped format or with a link to it, and state in the email body that you confirm that we can display your asset in the museum.

Want to help create the museum? We need level architects and designers to build galleries. Email us at

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