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BLUFF (2018)

Commissioned by Print Screen Festival (Holon, 2018).

Exhibited in Design Museum Holon.


BLUFF is Print Screen Festival 2018's games program.

For the 2018 Print Screen Festival we commissioned artists from around the world to create new short-form games following the annual theme of “Fakes and Fabrications”. In the months leading up to the festival we worked closely with the teams, whose projects touch on the  politics and aesthetics of fabrication - either as the metaphor, goal or challenge of playing them:

Evan Greenwood and Ben Rausch's The Third Dimension is a satire about educational games and the history of Apartheid in South Africa; Mischa Krempel's Hidden Files traces a major cover-up controversy that shocked Germany in 2011; and Studio Kachingos' Welcome to Stanistan is a satire of national PR campaigns in the age of Instagram.

The exhibition also showcased a revamped, localized and gallery-oriented version of Jonah Warren's competitive art-forgery game Sloppy Forgeries.

Full exhibition text is available HERE​.

The BLUFF Collection (free download via the button at the top of this page) includes the three commissioned games, the exhibition texts, as well as a complete version of Asset Modernism, an essay about games and fabrication written as a companion piece to the 2018 games program. It first appeared in the fall 2018 edition of the online art magazine Maarav. The collection is running on Gianluca Pandolfo's FLIPPER platform.



Shalev Moran


Technical Director:

Tomer Blushinski

Collection Designer:

Gianluca Pandolfo


PSF Artistic Director:

Lior Zalmanson


PSF Festival Director:

Udi Edelman

PSF Producer:

Shim Gil

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