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Boydem Pt. 2: Alon (2011)

The second of a three-part project.

While moving apartments, I found the complete body of work from my highschool graduation exhibition in a wall closet ("boydem"). I decided to ceremonially get rid of the works for good.


The second action was a one-time performance and a mural.

I was invited by my highschool ("Alon highschool for Arts & Sciences") to participate in an alumni exhibition honoring the resigning head of the art department.

I used a 3-meter-long print from my graduation show. During school hours, in the lobby of the building, I cut it to pieces (according to the original silhouettes) and repurposed it as a stencil, imediately using it to spray a copy of itself on the lobby wall - destroying a lasting piece to create an ephemeral one.

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