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Hi, I'm Shalev.

You can read more about me on the ABOUT page, check out exhibits I had the pleasure of CURATING, some things I've MADE, some of my TALKS, and some of my COMMUNITY projects. You could also just scroll through all of my projects, ordered chronologically below:

----------------CURRENT PROJECTS----------------

Mating Season

(2017, videogame)

Speculative Tourism

(Workshop + App)

The Asset Museum

(a museum)

------------------PAST PROJECTS------------------


(2017, videogame)

Gallery Mode

(open-source tool)


(2017, exhibition)


(2017, Jam / Performance)

Moving Without a Body


Walk in My Shoes

(2015, exhibition)

Get Lost!

(2014, exhibition)

The Arcade

(2016, Exhibition)

Motor Planet

(2016, videogame)

Hebrew Ludology

(2014, event)

Hug Gods

(2014, installation)



Stories in Space

(2016, exhibition + event)


(2014, exhibition)

Israeli Space Week

(2014, exhibition)


(2013, installation)


(2013, exhibition)


(2013, event)

Right Arrow

(2013, exhibition)

Naot Shikma Park

(2012, exhibition)

Boydem Pt. 3: Ossi

(2012, series)

Boydem Pt. 2: Alon

(2011, mural)

Role Model

(2010, mural)

Gestures For Ohad Matalon

(2009, series)

Boydem Pt. 1: Alley

(2009, series)


(2005, mural)

Public Domain

(2005, exhibition)

Fuck The City

(2005, series)

The Shufel

(2005, a place)

Skater Circus

(2004, installation)

My name is Shalev Moran.

Born 1985. I currently live and work in Tel Aviv.

I am the Games Program Curator for Print Screen Festival. I teach Narrative Design for Digital Games at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. I am a game design advisor for a few startups, while also working on my own independent game projects.


In recent years I worked as a Game Designer and Narrative Designer for Plarium, and wrote and presented a games segment on Israeli Channel 10.

Before moving to videogames I've done a lot of street art (some of which is shown in this site), as well as performance art, collaborating with Public Movement and with Frontline Theatre. I did my B.A. in TAU's Honors Program in the Humanities and Arts.


I've also done some journalistic work. In addition to Channel 10, I wrote for Time Out Tel Aviv and Nana10, mainly about culture and technology.


To invite me for a lecture or an exhibition, or for any other matter, feel free to message me on Facebook or by email.

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