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Fuck The City (2005)

Created for Forno Magazine issue #4.


Photographed by Assaf Evron.


The subject of Forno #4 was "Intercourse". At the time I was concerned with the complex relations between street art and the built environment - which led to a silly joke involving wordplay juxtaposed with drain pipes on walls around Tel Aviv. That being said, it was kinda cool spotting groups of kids jokingly humping my designated fuck holes.
The other aspect of this work was an attempt to examine the lines between art and advertisement, which tend to blur in a public setting. I reworked Forno's logo into the word "Fuck" in the piece and spread it around Tel Aviv in the weeks leading to the launch of the issue, as a kind of illegal buzz campaign (a practice that became obnoxiously trendy a few years later, especially by Tel-Avivian bars). Essentially, this work was created to fit both the magazine itself, and as an advertisement for it.

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