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Gallery Mode

Created with Tomer Blushinsky.

Debuted at A MAZE. /Berlin 2015.

Redesigned for Screenshake 2016.


Gallery Mode was a free tool for exhibiting collections of videogames, video art, and other digital media art. It functions as an editable launcher, with some unique features tailored towards display in public settings.

The prototype was presented at A MAZE. /Berlin 2015, and an advanced version was used a year later to exhibit a collection of works by Robert Yang at Screenshake Festival.

Work on the tool is currently discontinued, mainly because we believe that both Gianluca Pandolfo's FLIPPER system and the system developed by Harmonic Kinetic for the game stations in the Barbican's Into the Unknown exhibition already achieve most of what we tried to do. We hope they release it for public use someday.

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