My Game Design Work:

My newest personal game project, Archipelago, was already nominated for two game design awards and is scheduled for several more game exhibitions in the coming year. It is a casual adventure game with an innovative structure. Read more about it here.

I am the Lead Game Designer on Snowfall, an upcoming RPG thriller by Danish studio PortaPlay, which tells the story of a small town during the last winter of WWII. The early prototypes I worked on were awarded development grants by both DFI and the EU.

I was the Lead Game Designer on OWW, a sandbox MMO game, throughout the critical period of its Early Access launch. As of the end of my work period the game had 9/10 approval rate out of 400+ Steam reviews. I still consult the development team on a regular basis.

I helped design the UX and pedagogical plan and did all level design for the prototype and demo phase of the educational game Plethora, which has since been rolled out in educational institutions and played by over 200,000 students. See more on their website.

My satirical game Wolfenstache received global media coverage and more than 65,000 players. It also may have nudged the German government and Bethesda Softworks to change their policies, though we can never prove it and they will never admit it. Read more here.

Motor Planet was a combat-racing online game made by Plarium.​ I was the first game designer on the team, doing a lot of high-level design. Further into the production I took the lead on narrative and content design. Overall I worked on the game for 2.5 years.

The Dead and the Drunk is the first content DLC for the game Broken Lines by PortaPlay. As the studio's Game Design Lead, I helped shape the narrative, mechanics, level design and progression.

But wait, there's more!

Below is my full archive of creative work in games, arranged in categories, and packed with weird stuff.



Occupy White Walls

(2018, videogame)

Mating Season

(2017, videogame)


(2017, videogame)

Motor Planet

(2016, videogame)




(game collection, 2018)


Indie Playground

(exhibition, 2018)


(2017, exhibition)

The Arcade

(2016, Exhibition)

Stories in Space

(2016, exhibition)

Walk in My Shoes

(2015, exhibition)

Hebrew Ludology

(2014, event)


(2014, exhibition)

Get Lost!

(2014, exhibition)


Speculative Tourism

(audio tours)


On To Me

(2018, Interactive Documentary)


(2017, Game Jam / Performance)



The Asset Museum

(a museum)

Moving Without a Body

(2015, Workshop)

Gallery Mode

(2015, open-source tool)

Hug Gods

(2014, installation)


(2013, installation)

Israeli Space Week

(2014, exhibition)


(2013, exhibition)


(2013, event)

Right Arrow

(2013, exhibition)