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Gestures For Ohad Matalon (2009)

During the 2009 Herzliya Biennial of Art, photographer Ohad Matalon presented his solo project, "Today". Everyday during the show he would go to a different location in Israel, create a new photo series, that were transmitted via the web to a printer at the gallery and mounted on the walls throughout the day. At exactly midnight the day's exhibition would be complete, at which point visitors were invited to grab the prints off the walls, roll them up, and take them home.


Every midnight during the Biennial, I came to the gallery and took the leftover print tests, went home and reworked them. Every night I would choose a different location in the internet to inspire my added imagery, and a different technique to apply them. I would then go back and hang the works in a street gallery I created in the center of the Biennial area, complete with a fake Biennial sign I fabricated, and another sign directing viewers to steal the works. The name "Gestures" was itself a gesture to a Matalon's photography technique at the time.


A detailed (Hebrew only) journal of this project can be found in my old blog.

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