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I maintain this page mainly as an archive for myself but it's nice when people are interested.

Below is a timeline of projects in disciplines that used to be a big part of my life. You'll notice these disciplines carry over to my work in games. They are here arranged as

Street Art,

Performance Art,

or somewhere in between.

Naot Shikma Park

(2012, exhibition)


Frontline Theatre

(2012, performance)

Boydem Pt. 3: Ossi

(2012, series)

Boydem Pt. 2: Alon

(2011, mural)


Public Movement

(2010-2011, performance)

Role Model

(2010, mural)

Gestures For Ohad Matalon

(2009, series)

Boydem Pt. 1: Alley

(2009, series)

Public Domain

(2005, exhibition)


(2005, mural)

Fuck The City

(2005, series)

The Shufel

(2005, a place)

Skater Circus

(2004, installation)

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