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2018 UPDATE: Pivot is currently discontinued. We are still working together on other games and art projects, but the projects in this page are frozen for the time being. We'll come back to them when the time is right.

Pivot is a video games band I started in late 2016. We're making games and other media art inspired by very old traditions of storytelling as well as by very new practices of game design.

There are three members in Pivot: Tomer Blushinsky, Dror Bren and myself.

Right now the place to follow us is our Facebook page. Website will come when we need one.

Our main in-development projects are:

The World Ends in Five Days

TWEi5D is our first short story/game, loosely inspired by my real-life experience of a near-apocalypse back in 2009. Featuring an international and interdisciplinary cast of writers, it explores the end-of-the-world as a lived phenomenon.

A Year in the Maze

AYiTM is our big project, an ambitious super-long-form work of ergodic literature.

The maze has 365 rooms; a room for every page; a page for every day of the year. A real-time story that expands and contracts according to how you read it, every day for years and years.

Our games also spawn some side-projects.

The first was a limited series of prints, adapted from the game's texts and visual design. We showed them as posters in Nina Prader's Lippa Stopp project in Berlin (October 2016) and as postcards at Casual Connect Tel Aviv (November 2016).

More side-projects coming soon!

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