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Speculative Tourism

Co-created with Mushon Zer Aviv.

a collection of audio tours

through the futures of cities.

Speculative Tourism is an international project that operates at the crossroads of science fiction, historical tourism, Augmented Reality and local action.

We create audio tours from the future. In each iteration, we conduct an extensive writing workshop with local talents and guide them through a series of exercises to imagine their own speculative futures for the local region, and to narrate them as personal tours in the actual local environment. We record those tours and place them in a geo-locative mobile app, that is made available to anyone who visits the tour locations.

Since 2017 we held many workshops in various events and institutions, and produced tours in 3 locations: Jerusalem (2017), New London (2018), and Arad (2018).

Find out a lot more at the project website.

(this is a banner I designed for our 2017 Jerusalem project, that Mushon vetoed against. But here it is my personal website, not a democracy! ha!)

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