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The Arcade (2016)

Commissioned by Print Screen Festival (Holon, 2016).

Created with Tomer Blushinsky and Elinor Salomon.

The Arcade was the games program for Print Screen Festival 2016.


The festival explored the subject of pleasure, and the Arcade echoed it with pleasurable games, chill synthwave DJ sets and a slumber-party-inspired setting.

The showcase included HEAPS OF SPACE (by Tomer Blushinsky), RADIATOR 2 (by Robert Yang), CHALO CHALO (by Redshift Media and Sparpweed), SOUNDSELF (by Robin Arnott), PUSH ME PULL YOU (by House House), and SLAM CITY ORACLES (by Jane Friedhoff with art by Jenny Jiao Hsia).

Photos below by Dafna Talmon, Nir Miretzky and myself.

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