Working with Shalev

I've been working as a game designer since 2014. My experience includes high-level design, narrative design, progression systems, gameplay and level design.

Former employers and clients describe me as committed, attentive and analytic.

I value awareness and reflection, which is why I promote well-documented and well-researched work in any project I am involved in.

If the last paragraph sounds too austere compared to the experimental and artistic nature of many projects on this website, well, ask me about it when we meet :)

Some things I was hired to do:

Occupy White Walls is an MMO sandbox game about building galleries and curating art, made by StikiPixels and recently launched on Steam.

Since July 2018 I've been working on OWW as a freelance game designer. While I am contractually unable to disclose the details of my work, you can see it on the official website or listen to what others are saying about the game.


Motor Planet was a combat-racing online game for mobile devices made by Plarium.

I was the first game designer on the team, doing a lot of high-level design. Further into the production I took the lead on narrative and content design. Overall I worked on the game for 2.5 years. See more here.

Plethora is an educational puzzle game for children aged 8 to 12 that teaches the fundamentals of Computational Thinking. It was developed in collaboration between MindCET and Weizmann Institute of Science. The game is currently in pilot stage in Israeli schools.

I was hired by MindCET to help plan and guide the production, co-wrote the pedagogical plan and did most of the level design.


I will complete my M.A. Game Design studies,

to which I am very committed, in June 2020. Until then,

I am available for freelance employment,

either online or in-person in Copenhagen, where I live.

After my studies, our work relationship might grow in terms of capacity and commitment.

If you're interested, send me an email.

Want to hear more? How about some of my indie projects -


My satirical game Wolfenstache received global media coverage, and attracted tens of thousands of players.

See more here.

mating season logo-03.png

I directed a team of developers from four continents to create The tiny game Mating Season.

See more here.


To adapt it for an exhibition, I did testing and designed an "Exhibit Mode" for the PC/Mac release of FEZ.

See more here.


I commissioned and guided the production of Print Screen Festival's BLUFF game collection.

See more here.

In my current studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, I am focusing on expanding my skill set as a generalist, able to produce and publish games from start to finish. I believe a hands-on experience of the entire process will make me a better game designer overall.

You can download my first solo-developed Project, The Candle Ritual, for free on Google Play. Fair warning: it's rough :)


If you're a recruiter who needs a more traditional CV, I'd be happy to share it with you. Request it by email and please inform me who you're representing.

If you're just interested in my background, the ABOUT page is a good place to start.