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Agility: a Game Jam Performance (2017)

Commissioned by Print Screen Festival (Holon, 2017) and by Intimadance Festival (Tel Aviv 2017).

Detailed press release, including pictures, can be accessed HERE.

I conceived and curated this performance for the 2017 Games Program of Print Screen Festival, in a unique collaboration with Intimadance Festival.

A super-group of digital artists from around the world in a marathon throughout the festival, jointly creating one computer game that's being formed and expanded in front of the audience live on stage. The work is done in the Jam tradition: development out of shared improvisation, when every participant feeds and affects the work of her peers, and the game gradually and organically evolves out of a conversation between the entire team. The process is exposed on stage, with an updated version of the game presented every 20 minutes. Audience members are invited to watch, play, and engage.

Find out more about the game we made, Mating Season, HERE.


Henrike Lode
Ben Myres
Brian Schrank
Cukia "Sugar" Kimani
Dror Bren
Krzysztof "Dalton" Pachulski
Nina Limarev
Stav Goldstein
Shalev Moran
Tomer Blushinsky
Alon Kaplan
Lena Werthmann
Shachar Korenblum
Alon Tzarafi

Produced by:

Aistė Račaitytė and myself.

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