Mating Season (2017)

Get it as a free download for PC, Mac and Android:

Mating Season is a tiny game about getting cute mutants to mate and make cute mutant cubs. It was created by a super-group of indie developers from 4 different continents, who came together for Agility - a Game Jam Performance in the summer of 2017.

I was the co-producer and curator of the performance, and the lead designer of the game.




Game created by:

Henrike Lode
Ben Myres
Brian Schrank
Cukia "Sugar" Kimani
Dror Bren
Krzysztof "Dalton" Pachulski
Nina Limarev
Stav Goldstein
Shalev Moran
Tomer Blushinsky
Alon Kaplan
Lena Werthmann
Shachar Korenblum
Alon Tzarafi