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Selected Lectures and Workshops:

Making RPG Problems

Nordic Game, 2024 (link)

Show Them The Money

Game Arts International Assembly, 2021 (text)

Frag the DJ: Making a Post-Celebratory Games Culture

Game Arts International Assembly, 2019 (audio)

Speculative Tourism (workshop)

Israeli Association of Landscape Architects, 2021 (video)

JCC Prague and JCC Budapest, 2021

Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, 2019

Prinzessinnengarten, 2019

Zumo Arad, 2018

Van Leer Institute, 2018

re:publica, 2018

Connecticut College, 2018 (video)

Mamuta Art Research Center, 2017

Click here for further details

Interventions: Games as Political Action

Nordic Game Jam, 2019

Nordic Game Conference, 2018

Corridors, Avenues, Gardens:

an Approach for Game Narrative Design

Devcom, Cologne, 2018 

5th Annual Science Fiction Symposium, TAU, 2018 

The Mimetic Crisis in Games

ISVIS, Shenkar College, 2018 (Video)

B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, Frankfurt, 2017

Post-Reality Conference, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, 2017

Narrative Design for Digital Games (college class)

Shenkar College's Game Center, 2016-2018

Batman, Jensen, and the Problem With Augmented Reality

4th Annual Science Fiction Symposium, TAU, 2016 (Video)

Expressive and Interpretive Controllers

Kadar Design and Technology Center, Shenkar College, 2017

Rishon LeZion Municipal Gallery, 2016

The Tel Aviv Artists House, 2015

Moving Without a Body:

Choreography in Videogames (workshop)

A MAZE. / Berlin, 2016

KELIM School for Choreography, 2015

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Writing for Digital Games (workshop)

Tiltan College, 2017

Utopia Festival, 2017

Israeli Screenwriters Guild, 2017
R/O Institute, 2017

Asylum Arts Alumni Retreat, 2016's Intro to Game Design, 2015

Performance in Digital Games (workshop)

A MAZE. / Berlin, 2016

Kadar Game Center, Shenkar College, 2015

KELIM School for Choreography, 2015

Short History of Platformers

Plarium Global, 2015

Games and War

Hasifa School, OUI, 2015

Games For Peace, 2014

A Future for Documentary Games

Screenshake, 2016 (Video)

Mamuta, 2015

Utopia Festival, 2014

Quo Vadis, 2014

Google TLV Campus, 2014 (Video)

From Cinema to Games to Interactive Cinema:

Adapting Dramatic Techniques

Made For Web, 2014 (Video)

Gallery Mode:

How to Prepare Your Game for Exhibitions

Casual Connect Tel Aviv, 2016 (video)

GIC Poznań, 2016

A Maze./ Berlin, 2014

An Art History of Videogames

Beit Ariela, 2015

Kadar Game Center, Shenkar College, 2013 (Video)

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2013 (Video)

The New Arcade Movement

WE Conference for Creative Collectives, 2013


Loneliness in Games

GameIS Conference, 2012


Events I Hosted:


Stories in Space (Panel)

Steamer Salon Conference, 2016


A MAZE (Conference)

A MAZE. / Berlin, 2016 (Video Playlist)

A MAZE. / Berlin, 2015 (Video Playlist)


GTFO (Screening & Panel)

Holon Cinematheque, 2015


Ludology in Hebrew (Conference)

Tel Aviv Municipal Museum, 2014

Click here for further details

Black Mirror (Screening & Panel)

Holon Cinematheque, 2012

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