Shalev Moran // KADK Games Final Thesis Project

Development Diary

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The roots of this project are in the experimental games I worked on with Pivot in 2016.
More info can be found here.


On January 1st, 2019 I wrote the basic concept for Archipelago and began writing island ideas. Over that year I collected more than 200 islands.
In August 2019 I made a tiny prototype, a poster, and a 1-pager thesis pitch document that can be found here.

February 2020

In february 2020 I began actual work on the thesis project, focusing the aesthetic and experimenting with dialog plugins.
Eventually I chose Fungus, for being stable and requiring no coding at all.

Level Design: First 3 Islands

King's Court

Character Design

I used a single character model for all NPCs, and varied them with primitive shapes: cones, spheres, etc.

Island of Pigs

At the second half of February I created my first piece of simulation art: Isle of Pigs.
You can play in in your browser online.


At the beginning of March I created my second piece of simulation art: TIDE.
it also can be played in your browser online.

Early April

Making data systems (with the help of programmer friends)
Adding wind effect
First dialogs, on Television Island

Late April

New Opening Cameras
Basic Weekly Loop - Now Working!

Early May

3-Sentence Pitch:
Archipelago is a "cyclical adventure game" served to the player in bite-sized levels throughout the year.
Every real-world calendar day has its own unique level, and the world of Archipelago can be explored for years.
Archipelago tells the story of a traveller searching for a home in an island country, inspired by my experience leaving my birth country and immigrating to Denmark.
(For the Thomas Vigild workshop)
New FTU opening level
Added foliage sway

Late May

Point-and-Click Controls!
Full Quest System!
Cheat Menu (for debugging quests)
Inventory System
See full presskit here: